Özgür SarıgülManaging Partner
Özgür Sarıgül, who is a graduate of European University of Lefke (Cyprus) Computer Engineering and has a very good command of English, took on various technology development roles in the leading companies of the industry such as IAS, Koç Sistem, and AdaSoft and took part in the Advisory Board of Özyeğin University. Having joined the GTech family in 2003, Sarıgül became the managing partner of GTech in 2008.

The main areas of expertise of Sarıgül are creating solution architecture and creating strategies for solutions and his prominent strong skills are digital transformation, business development, mentoring and team leadership.

“Success is the completion of the work required to be done with the planned budget and resources on time.”
Sarıgül thinks that when the right plan meets the right teams, then it will ensure the achievement of the objectives and will bring success. He underlines that as GTech; they always plan the future instead of the present, rapidly take and implement decisions in unexpected situations with their agile structure and emphasizes that this is the most important factor that brings success.

Sargül, who has been curious about the technology world since he met with video games and computer states that he is interested in reading and learning in many different fields such as quantum physics, space and atomic energy and developed a deep passion on how everything is made and created. He says that his interest in areas other than the world of technology also helped him improve his social relationships, providing him with many different perspectives.

“People who come to work with the idea of having fun while creating a job and doing the job they love makes me happy. I am sure that those who do what they love will be successful.”