Symphony Banking

With End-to-End Banking Orchestration, meet all your banking requirements.

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Symphony Banking Application is an end-to-end banking application that meets all your banking needs and has the ability to easily integrate with its accurately constructed architectural infrastructure.

Symphony Banking

It provides fast and easy integration with environmental components with its architectural structure that enables processes to be easily defined and implemented.

It meets all banking requirements by getting effected in minimum level from user errors and with its adaptable structure according to the needs of business units.

sypmhony banking - çoklu dil desteği


sypmhony banking - bulut altyapı uyumluluğu

Cloud Infrastructure

sypmhony banking - servis tabanlı, paremetrik modüler yapı

Service Based,
Parametric Modular

sypmhony banking - çok katmanlı mimari


sypmhony banking - sürükle bırak ekran tasarımlar ve otomatik kod üretimi

Drag – Drop Display
Designs and Automatic
Code Generation

sypmhony banking - kolay yönetilebilen iş ve onay akışı

Easily Managed Work /
Approval Flow

sypmhony banking - ürün ve işlem mimarisi yönetimi

Product and Process
Architecture Management

sypmhony banking - tek noktadan fiyatlama ve komisyon yönetimi

Pricing and Commission
Management From a
Single Point

sypmhony banking - canlı ortamda debug özelliği

Debugging  Feature

sypmhony banking - her adımda veri kalitesi denetim mekanizması

Data Quality
Supervising Mechanism  
At Every Step

Being a low cost and completely customer-oriented banking application with easy integration capability, Symphony Banking offers more than what you need today.


sypmhony banking - özellikler
  • It is the only flexible infrastructure that facilitates quick and controlled development necessary for today’s banking.
  • Being able to offer products and solutions to the market quickly using a more agile approach, being able to be adapted to a new idea or initiative easily and quickly thanks to its parametric structure.
  • The ability to quickly and easily integrate with new technologies and new products and services developed.
  • Easy management and work flow capability with process-based design.
  • Affected by user errors in minimum level. Minimum user training requirement.

The Value It Creates

  • Thanks to Symphony Banking’s structure that can quickly adapt to technological developments and differentiates from traditional basic banking systems, ensuring that its customers differentiate in the competitive market.
  • Due to the competitive prices to be obtained with lower costs, improving market share and increasing bank profitability.
  • Being compatible with local regulations and legislations and having multiple language and currency support due to its use in 9 countries.
sypmhony banking - yarattığı değer

Why Symphony Banking?

  • Having fund of knowledge with 20 years of experience of Finance Sector expert team.
  • Successful projects in 9 different countries
  • Parametric structure that enables banks that want to open branches in other countries to provide this service over the same infrastructure.
  • Rapid adaptation to technological developments and architectural structure that provides significant advantages to its users in the competitive market
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