Profit 4.0

Profitability Analysis Solution that enables monitoring of product and service profitability and offers recommendations to decision-makers.

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Profit 4.0 is a reporting platform that consolidates your data into a single data model, allowing you to keep track of your changing profitability at the account and process level on a daily basis.


Profit 4.0 is a profitability reporting platform that can provide recommendations and generate results for decision makers with a data model that includes all financial services that generate profitability in banks.

Data Upload & Backup

It is ensured that the data collected from the source systems on a daily basis are brought together in a common uploading layer and organized. With the backed up data, it allows the data to be retrospectively uploaded to the profitability application again and the profitability calculations to be made.

Trial Balance Reconciliation

It is ensured to define the rules that will provide the control of the data received from the source systems with the accounting system. In this way, the financial results to be obtained from the profitability system are ensured to be compatible with Trial Balance.


Being able to make retrospective reporting via keeping the results obtained from the profitability calculations by archiving allows the use of archived datamarts for other purposes.

Financial Datamarts

It provides the consolidation of the data so that it can be used for analysis. Financial data sets are prepared to facilitate access to reports such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Income & Expense and Balance & Risk development of all business lines and senior management stakeholders, especially finance.

Data Validation Infrastructure

It allows the control of the consistency of the data transferred from the source system before the related rules work in the profitability engine. The metric, ratio, multiplier, etc. values that will be input to the calculation with the rule blocks that users can enter are controlled.


The Value It Creates

Why Profit 4.0?

  • Making strategic decisions with multi-dimensional profitability modeling while profitability architecture is formed
  • Daily profitability calculation at the account and transaction level
  • Generating results that can be taken as a basis in strategic decisions of the company
  • Being able to do the income and expense analysis more functionally
  • Being able to analyze the profitability outcomes as a result of possible scenarios
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