Project Description

İş Bankası manages scenario-based strategic analysis and financial projection processes more quickly and accurately.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees:24.000+ | Industry: Banking


  • Establishing a parametric structure and creating income statements, balance sheet projections and reports.
  • Ensuring balance-sheet balance for different scenarios of multiple years in every projection period.
  • Systematic management of assumptions and estimation methods based on projections.
  • Creating a common platform where different units will operate in cooperation in the planning and budget processes.


With Hyperion Budget Planning Project;

  • A structure that estimates the income statement and balance sheet with parametric calculations was established.
  • It was ensured to balance the income statement and balance sheet automatically.
  • Quick reporting on different parameters was provided with simulation modules.
  • System’s flexibility and operating speed was increased.
  • Data security and versioning was done.


  • Time saving.
  • Fast/accurate reporting with automatic generation of income and balance sheet reports.
  • Terminating the manual structure that is open to human errors, minimizing operational risks.
  • Multiple users being capable of simultaneous modeling and reporting.

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