Big Data Platform that ensures “Frictionless Customer Experience” in banking sector with real-time actions.

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Smartbank is a Big Data Platform that increases customer satisfaction in banking services, provides the customer with the right solution instantly at the right time and offers more effectively the opportunities that customer missed.


With the Smartbank solution, GTech provides a frictionless customer experience by making real-time anomaly detection, without contacting the customer bank in the problems experienced in various channels of the banking sector.


When a problem occurs, it takes action immediately, sends alerts, searches for the APIs or informs business units.


Collects data from different sources and channels in real-time or in bulk. It processes the data by correlation in the memory and enriches it with the Data Warehouse.


Applies anomaly mapping algorithms to detect fraud situations by creating correlation rules.


It is a self-service platform with rule and flow change/addition for the users on business side and A/B test and control is completed through the recommended system.


Recommendations are produced with trend models based on real-time data and Data Warehouse. Models are automatically updated.


Creates real-time dashboards and monitors measurements.


SMARTBANK ensures taking the right help/marketing actions for the right customer at the right time in order to increase customer satisfaction.

The Complex Event Processing (CEP) method is used to detect predetermined scenarios on the flowing data using the distributed flow data processing (DSP) technique to facilitate the analysis of large-scale and real-time data.

The Value It Creates

Customer Satisfaction

It enables digital banking platforms to provide help to their customers during or after service, or to conduct informative activities in cases of abuse and fraud.

Communication Between Digital Channels

By providing consolidation of data obtained from cross platforms, it provides very fast return and solution in case of problems with a service concept that facilitates the customer’s operations with end-to-end solution.

Alert System

Makes real-time anomaly detection in the usage behavior of customers in different banking platforms.

Real-Time Data Integration

It is an end-to-end big data platform that can instantly make recommendation/guidance, predict contrary use behavior, and dynamically create rules based on historical behavior data, since the collected near real-time data is used.

Why Smartbank?

  • 20 years of banking sector field experience
  • Providing real solutions to the problems encountered with the knowledge and experience gained in the banking sector projects
  • The target of providing special solutions in the banking sector and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Offering a personalized product according to the behavioral form and characteristic of the customer
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