Project Description

Renault manages the after-sales performance measurements of its authorized dealers in a centralized and automated structure with visual reports that it monitors instantly.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees: 7000+ | Sector: Automotive


  • Making the KPI Set and Balanced Scorecard infrastructure determined for Authorized Services smooth and fully operational on a daily basis.
  • Turkey, the region and Authorized Service based, all the Balanced Scorecard and KPI data to be calculated and reported daily and monthly.
  • Establishing an authorization system based on user groups.
  • Monitoring KPIs over mobile application.


With the Balanced Scorecard Project;

  • Problems in ETL processes developed for data transfer and calculation have been resolved.
  • How the authorized dealers comply with their performance targets and where they are compared to last year were reported.
  • Authorization infrastructure was established, enabling the person to see only the data they are authorized.
  • With user-friendly and visual reports, data can be accessed quickly and accurately.
  • Scorecard data were reported on a year-month basis via mobile interfaces.


  • Creation of centralized single and accurate data.
  • Monitoring the performances of all authorized dealers on a single dashboard.
  • To be able to make right and fast decisions according to the data.
  • Ensuring information safety with the authorization process.
  • Instant data tracking by accessing dashboards from anywhere.

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