Project Description

It took the necessary precautions against the critical SCN error published by Oracle in a very short time with GTech ACS Services.

Location: Istanbul | Number of Employees:5.000 | Industry: Airline


  • Upgrading the old version databases in a very narrow calendar regarding the critical SCN error published by Oracle.


With the GTech System and Database Team ACS Services,

  • The databases that will be affected in the institution were identified.
  • An upgrade plan was made for all required systems before the deadline issued by Oracle.
  • First test, and later live and standby databases were upgraded without any problems.


  • Taking proactive precautions regarding the error published by Oracle which might cause systems to stop and experiencing no losses in the systems of institution.
  • Prevention of data loss by preventing possible system interruptions.
  • Prevention of time and budget costs that may occur by planning and completing all upgrades smoothly despite the tight schedule.

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