Are You a Technology Buff, Hardworking and Fun Person?

Join us!

We are a “Technology” company which is favored by its approach that focuses on success and prioritizes success.

Our Biggest Social Responsibility Project is “Our Youth”

With GTech Academy, we support our young people who want to improve their career in technology and raise the Technical Leaders of the Future.

Young Friendly!

We provide trainings for future architects who want to continue their careers in GTech’s areas of expertise such as Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Database Management. We include our friends who successfully complete their training in our team. 35% of the GTech team consists of our friends who join us with the academy and continue their careers there.

We Continue to Develop While Producing!

While creating solutions that guide technology with our young and dynamic team, it is among our priorities that our team continues to learn and develop their talents.

Your Ideas and Your Future are important to us!

With the pride of being an on-site R&D Center, we reward our friends who state their new project ideas and suggestions.

In addition to the technical and personal development training plans determined for each team member in line with their needs, we also offer support to our colleagues who want to do master degree and PhD.

No Working Without Fun!

As teammates traveling on the same ship, we choose to celebrate our achievements together. We come together for our monthly celebrations by organizing Happy Hour organizations with different concepts every month. In addition to celebrations on special days, we have conversations at our breakfasts with the management team.

We believe that successful projects originate in pleasant and happy environments.

In order to spend the working times more efficiently, we play billiards, table football or play station during our breaks. As the weather gets hot, we change our dress code according to the summer conditions.

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