Financial Services

With products and solutions that create innovations in finance sector, discover the way of taking quick and strategic decisions.

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GTech supports you to create value from your data while offering solutions and products that will make you more competitive by allowing you to conduct your operational activities easier and faster.

Financial Services

With its extensive field experience, GTech Financial Services team develops technology-leading products while offering recommendations suitable for customer needs.

The Value It Creates

Strategic Financial Decision Making

Making a difference in market competition by making daily profitability evaluation with different perspectives in areas such as customer, channel and product.

Integrated and Consistent Data Model

Opportunity to work with a single data model infrastructure that is self-consistent and compatible with accounting systems.

Flexible and Fast Analysis

Effective reporting in which financial results can be evaluated instantly.

Flexible Financial Calculation Structures

Creating a product architecture that can be built by implementing different methods and financial models.

Financial Data Model

The only healthy data model that can work in harmony with each other and serve as an output to other resources of the institution.

Reporting Infrastructure

Integrated reporting solutions where financial results are analyzed to make strategic decisions.


Reducing resource and time costs by means of the structure integrated with resource systems where through automation is ensured.

Why GTech?

  • Completed successful projects with leading financial institutions in Turkey
  • Senior consultancy team with 20 years of field experience
  • To be one of two companies offering Core Banking Solution in the Turkish market
  • The first Oracle OFSAA consulting team in Turkish market
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