Project Description

Fibabanka, preferred GTech Exadata and ACS Services for all Oracle databases and Exadata management.

Location: Istanbul | Employee Numbers:1.500+ | Sector: Banking


  • Ensuring high efficiency and accessibility by managing the Engineered Systems and Oracle databases in the institution.
  • Reducing management and personnel costs.


With GTech System and Database Team Migration Services;

  • Advanced problems in all Engineered Systems including ECC in the institution have been resolved.
  • Image upgrade and patch management processes have been completed.
  • With Advanced Customer Support services, different and advanced solutions were produced for all problems encountered.
  • The version updates and image upgrades needed for Exadata in the corporation were carried out quickly and smoothly.


  • Developing a proactive system management culture in the corporation with our advanced support (ACS) services.
  • Providing an easily manageable system structure by solving the problems.
  • Reducing the cost of employing personnel with Exadata qualifications.

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