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Levent Berkman is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Department of Mathematics. After working in managerial positions in important institutions in the banking sector such as İş Bankası and Körfezbank; he served as General Manager in SoftTech between 2010 and 2015. Joining GTech as Managing Partner in 2015, Berkman is the founding partner and General Manager of Bergman İnsan Kaynakları company.
Berkman assumed the Presidency of the METU Alumni Association in the 1999-2001 period. Being an active council membership, he is also a member of the Turkish Informatics Association Board today.

Berkman underlines that he has been seen strong in general management skills, communication skills, persuasion skills, vision determination, strategy determination, and used these attributes throughout his career.

“A proper and complete understanding is the first step to success.”
Defining success as “pleasing the other party with the result obtained through combining and bringing the correct pieces together and making the time, resources, budget plans come true”, Berkman says that GTech also succeeded by understanding its customers correctly and presenting the correct results. He also underlines the importance of constantly following technological developments and including new trends in their solutions.

Berkman states that the publications on technology and Star Trek series oriented him to the world of technology in his youth, and he adores mathematics. He believes that being a very good team player in both business and social life leads him to success.

“No matter how strong the wind blows, you can safely deliver the sailboat anywhere you want with a good team and a good helmsman.”

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